Thursday, July 28, 2011

Engagement Cupcakes

On Friday, Mr. G and I invited his brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law over for dinner to celebrate their recent engagement. Naturally, I took advantage of the situation to bake some cupcakes. ;) I used my Easter strawberry cupcakes recipe because it was Mr. G's brother's favorite. I made 34, however, so the lucky couple got to take a bunch home with them! Haha whoops. I used my amateur decorating skills to top each little pink cupcake with a white heart and pearls... Until I got tired of making hearts and just topped the rest with a swirl. These are fun cupcakes to make, if you haven't tried the recipe. And what's even better is that they have fresh strawberries in them, which makes them divine.

I got a last-minute invite to a baby shower on Sunday, so I brought over the rest of my cupcakes since I didn't have enough time to get a present. I love when things work themselves out. This is truly turning out to be the summer of weddings and babies, but I don't mind because I enjoy a good celebration. The shower was lots of fun, and the cupcakes were a hit. The only downside is that they were pink, and the baby is a boy.... At least there was a themed cake, and it was adorable - it even had little fondant booties!

Anyone know a good cake/cupcake decorating class in the MSP area?? :)

<3 Mrs. G

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  1. Girl, these are adorable!!!!! Amanda, obviously I don't know about your area BUT usually JoAnn's and Michaels stores have cake decorating classes, you could try there. Also look for cake decorating supply stores (like Sugar Drop in Brentwood, if you ever went there) - those type of places usually have classes as well. My mom did some when we were little and loved it.



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