Monday, February 25, 2013

What Would J-Law Do?

Let me start by echoing what everyone else on the Internet is saying following last night's Oscars: I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence. Not only is she talented and ambitious, but she is like the anti-celebrity. She's sassy, confident, unassuming, hilarious, honest to a fault, effortlessly charming and clearly doesn't give a flip what anyone in Hollywood (or anywhere, for that matter) thinks about her. She is just... herself, and unashamedly so. She tripped in front of millions of people when going on stage to accept her OSCAR for Best Actress, and she laughed it off in her acceptance speech. And everyone loved her all the more for it. It almost looked planned, or at the very least, expected. The girl is good.

Source: MTV

So after having a bit of a rough start to my Monday, I decided to follow Jen's example and shrug off the awkward moments of my day. Here are some examples to show you what I mean:
  • I was having a bad hair day. (Ok, so maybe it's been more like a bad hair MONTH.) I pull my hair back at work a lot to keep it out of my face, and it usually doesn't look pretty, so when I left the office for lunch, I considered fixing it again to look somewhat presentable. But then I realized, "hey, I don't have to look at me..." So, I kept my janky ponytail. No one cares anyway. Plus, I was wearing sunglasses, and somehow that makes everything better.
  • I also totally screwed up my lunch by bringing a terrible combination of food: an under-ripe avocado, over-ripe mango slices, mango-flavored yogurt (seriously? I couldn't have grabbed strawberry?), and then I nuked my frozen spinach lasagna from Trader Joe's. After taking two bites of my crusty lasagna, I was like NOPE. I love food too much to suffer through this.
Source: Uproxx
  • So I went to Chipotle. And of course I walked in the exit door, because I don't read signs, and of course it's placed in such a way where I had to walk awkwardly down the line the wrong way to place my order. But I was like, whatever, I have an Oscar! I GO WHERE I WANT. Ok, not really. I just shrugged it off and walked up to the counter while the workers made fun of me in Spanish (yes, I understood you!).
  • And then I ordered a giant burrito. With sour cream. And corn salsa. And steak. Because I was STARVING. (Remember the burnt lasagna? That thing was in the microwave for 10 whole minutes!) So I ate the entire burrito. Yep, ALL of it.
Source: Uproxx

So no, I haven't accomplished as much as Jennifer; I didn't accomplish much of anything today. And no, I don't think WWJD should actually stand for "What Would J-Law Do?" (Jesus always trumps everyone.) But Jennifer Lawrence is still hilarious, and we could all benefit by taking a page from her book and laughing at ourselves more, no matter how insignificant our problems seem. Some days you walk in the wrong door at Chipotle, some days you fall down at the Oscars...

Source: agittated

Life is weird. Embrace it!

<3 Mrs. G


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