Friday, May 20, 2011

Mother of Two (for a week)

Hello, everyone!

TGIF! Hope you all have fun weekend plans. As for me, I will be working non-stop. Can't wait...

I will also become a mother of two for a week, starting tomorrow. Mr. G's parents will be in Wyoming all next week, so we will be watching his two youngest siblings while they are gone. I'm excited to spend time with the kids, and they are super excited to hang out with us. :) I just hope they get along well enough - they tend to butt heads a lot - and I don't know how good of a warden I can be... Either way, this will be good preparation for actual motherhood! Ha. Plus, his sister loves to cook and bake, so it will be nice to have a helper in the kitchen. Maybe she'll even show me some things...

While they're here, I'm going to try out a new recipe - low-fat chicken enchiladas with a side of refried beans (my fave!) and Mexican rice. I'm very excited; Mexican is definitely one of my top two favorite types of food, but for some reason, I don't cook it very much. I also hope to make some scones, because Mr. G's sister has an amazing recipe for them.

In other news, I had another interview today that went super well. I feel confident about all my interviews this week, so I am definitely hoping something works out soon... Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, if you think of it. While I am definitely thankful for interviews, I am starting to get a little disheartened. I know I'll find something eventually, but when I realized the other day that I am officially a year out of college without much to show for myself career-wise, it really got to me. I know I'm not the only one, but as some of you probably know, it certainly feels that way sometimes.

On a lighter note, I'm feeling more hopeful now after these interviews, and I definitely like living in the Twin Cities area. I hope to get involved in things soon - with church and with my sorority's local alum chapter. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted on everything.

Feel free to comment if you are in a similar job situation to myself and want to vent. Or if you know of any great contacts in the MSP area. ;)

<3 Mrs. G

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