Wednesday, May 4, 2011

London Calling

Guess who has the day off? :)

I'll be putting it to use cleaning, decorating the house, and - if I feel like it - crafting. I know I said I would try to get one more DIY project done before my parents come to town tomorrow, but I'm not convinced it will happen... I'm still shocked I finished the tiles!

In unrelated news, I really want to go to London. I always have - it's pretty much top of my list - but after watching the royal wedding and the King's Speech in the same weekend, I want to go more than ever. Thankfully, Mr. G is on the same page. He liked the King's Speech more than he would probably admit (as well as the royal wedding), and he is particularly excited about the prospect of going during the Olympics next year... I'm right on board with that idea!

We're in no position to be saving right now for an extravagant European vacation, but who knows where we'll be next year... In the meantime, we have to save up to rent a cabin this summer and fly out to Vegas this fall for our one-year anniversary. :) So many things we want to do! Let's hope we can afford it all and still be able to eat... But hey, you're only young once, right?

Speaking of money, this blog has inspired me to (finally) start trying to find some freelance writing work. If you know of anyone or any company in need of a blogger/copywriter/editor, hook me up! ;) But seriously... I would love you forever.

Last bit of news: our dog, Molly, got her *professional* haircut today, and she looks fabulous. Her winter coat is finally gone - she is ready for summer! Here she is (she knows how good she looks):

That's all for now!

Feel free to comment if you are traveling anywhere fun this year, or know of great places to find deals on London vacations. OR if you want to hook me up with a writing gig! ;)

<3 Mrs. G


  1. Hi, I just recently got married in September an we honeymooned in London. I did all the honeymoon planning myself. We stayed at The Grand Plaza Serviced Apartments in Bayswater. It has a great location, very affordable for London. I booked everything over Orbitz. Plane tickets were around $1900 for both of us, the hotel was around $2500, and spending money for food and what not was about $1000. We stayed for two weeks. Trust me, go for at least two weeks. We don't have a lot of money. We are still paying off the honeymoon but it was SO worth it. Feel free to ask anything about it. We love London and we cannot wait to go back.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I'm still hoping to go sometime next year but I might have to put it off until 2013 depending on my vacation days... Whenever i go, I'll be sure to look up that hotel. We might do Paris, too. I'm excited!



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