Friday, November 4, 2011

'Til Divorce Do Us Part... Right?

Hi everyone!

I'm writing this post on my new iPad! It's a little challenging and may take a while to write, but I don't really have a choice seeing I'm at Mr. G's hockey game at the moment. And let's be honest, I don't normally have time to blog during the week, so I take advantage of it whenever I can! Mr. G has been wanting one of these for quite a while but finally decided to splurge on one after an unexpected (but well-deserved) bonus. :) God has been blessing us quite a bit lately, particularly in the financial department, which has been a very nice reprieve. We're finally starting to pay off some debt, too. This purchase is probably a little extravagant, but my computer is borderline impossible to use, so this thing has already made my life easier.

In other news, as I'm sure you already know unless you're living under a rock, her majesty Kim Kardashian is divorcing her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries (a Minnesotan) while their $10 million wedding special is still playing on tv. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, then you already know how I feel about all this, which can be summed up in a word: disgusted. I'm not going to vent much on here, but let me just say this: marriage is a commitment, not just a ceremony and a party. At some point the wedding and honeymoon will end, and you're stuck with that person for the rest of your life. And you should be absolutely thrilled beyond belief about it - if not, you have no business getting married. Regardless of Kim's motives for marrying and divorcing Kris (which I still think have to do with $), 72 days is all you can manage?? Seriously? What a waste.

Now for a more positive perspective on marriage, let's switch topics to my brother-in-law's fiance's bridal shower this past weekend. I was responsible for the games, so I came up with a bridal bingo game and a groom trivia game (based on the Newlyweds game). Both involved me getting facts from the betrothed. Did you know there are websites that generate random bingo cards for you using your words? I didn't either, but I used one called It was free, and I totally recommend it for showers and/or classrooms. Check out the cards I made with facts about the bride and the couple:

Bridal Bingo!

Gorgeous (that's my G in the back!)

Pretty legit, right? The groom trivia game was fun because I quizzed the bride with mildly obscure questions about her almost hubby. I've always wanted to play this game because I think I would nail it with Mr. G. After a year and a half of long-distance dating, I think we pretty much covered all the questions there were to ask. The bride did pretty well, but most of the ones she missed were arguable. He didn't make it super easy on her. :) But it was a fun shower, and it concluded with some delicious leaf-shaped pound cake. Very cute.

I'll report on my crafts and recipes soon! Promise! In the meantime, here are some pics from our Halloween:

squirrel + mouse

waiting for trick or treaters!

sleepy squirrel

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! FYI - I got second place in the office costume contest with my hipster costume (not pictured) AND I hijacked Molly's squirrel costume at one point as well... It was amazing.

Happy Friday!

<3 Mrs. G

P.S. can you believe I typed all this on my iPad??
P.P.S. Mr. G's team lost. :( But he scored his first goal! :)


  1. 1. highly impressive ipad typing skill
    2. molly squirrel is adorable
    3. you as a molly squirrel was hilarious adorable
    4. the kardashian thing is completely ridiculous, happy to say until this development I was oblivious to the whole hoopla
    5. Love when projects can be multipurpose, the G looks awesome in the beautiful tablescape
    6. Awesome on the bingo, I used that for your bachelorette bingo


  2. I didn't realize you used the same one for my bachelorette! Awesome! Those were fun. :) And I wish I could take credit for the table decor at the shower, but all I did was bring my G lol.



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