Monday, October 10, 2011

Seeking Furniture Help!

Hi everyone,

Mr. G and I have decided to (finally) purchase some new bedroom furniture! Right now we're mainly looking at dressers and chests, but we're also looking at full sets (to complete over time) if we like all the pieces. I'm not dying to have a matchy-matchy bedroom suite, but it would certainly be a lot easier to buy everything from one place, and Lord knows I don't have the time to shop everywhere under the sun. As of today, we have narrowed our options down to four. One is from IKEA (of course), two are from Ashley Furniture, and one is from HOM Furniture. Here are their links:

IKEA - HEMNES Collection (this is just the dresser; the rest of the collection is at the bottom)
Ashley - Diana Collection
Ashley - Shay Collection
HOM - French Quarters Collection 

The IKEA and Ashley suites are matched pretty close in price thanks to good discounts at Ashley, but the HOM suite is quite a bit more expensive, so we would probably only buy one piece at a time. I've seen all the sets in person with the exception of the Diana set by Ashley, and they all seem to be pretty durable (even the IKEA set) plus all the drawers open/close easily. They all seem like great options, but they're fairly different from one another, which is why I'm having a hard time deciding. Mr. G already has his favorite (the HOM set), but I'm not so sure. Here's my pro/con list for each:

French Quarter Collection (HOM):
  • PRO- beautiful and dramatic
  • PRO- best materials
  • PRO- silver knobs
  • PRO- gentleman's cabinet (Mr. G is obsessed, and it comes with a full-length mirror)
  • PRO- 4 poster bed :)
  • CON- no fabric headboard :( (still don't know which I'd rather have)
  • CON- most expensive; will take longest to get everything
  • CON- cherry-brown color (I prefer black or black-brown)
  • CON- slightly old-fashioned
Diana Collection (Ashley):
  • PRO- perfect color - dark espresso finish
  • PRO- unique details on the mirror and the knobs
  • PRO- modern and a little flashy
  • PRO- taller with more drawers
  • CON- shallower than others (16" deep)
  • CON- smaller drawers
  • CON- not a fan of the bed (no leather)
  • CON- maybe too flashy? haven't seen in person
Shay Collection (Ashley):
  • PRO- pure black color
  • PRO- silver knobs
  • PRO- cool detailing on the mirror
  • PRO- sleek and simple; fairly modern
  • CON- funky swirl design on the knobs
  • CON- lacquer paint (chips easily)
  • CON- not crazy about the bed
HEMNES Collection (IKEA):
  • PRO- original favorite
  • PRO- simple, sleek, modern
  • PRO- perfect black-brown color; matches our current IKEA bed
  • PRO- smaller, unattached mirror (especially if you buy the lamps on either side of it in the showroom :) )
  • PRO- best use of space (20" deep)
  • PRO- cheapest option
  • CON- very plain
  • CON- matching black-brown knobs (I prefer silver or something that stands out)
  • CON- lightest weight; not the best materials (it is wood, though)
  • CON- don't care for the bed at all
  • CON- assembly required :/
As you can see, I'm pretty torn. I would LOVE to hear your opinions and advice, so please share!! I'm looking for a set that will last us quite a while (but not necessarily something I'll pass on to my grandchildren) as well as a look that's modern, sleek and comes in a pretty color. I can live with so-so knobs since they can be replaced, mirror size is not of utmost importance to me, and beds/nightstands are neither a deal-sealer nor a deal-breaker at this point.

Now pass along your wisdom! Thanks in advance for the input. :)

<3 Mrs. G

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  1. Mandy, don't forget that the knobs don't need to be a pro or a con. You can always buy new ones, and you can have EXACTLY what you want. Hobby Lobby and Anthropologie have designer drawer pulls and believe it or not, Home Depot has an awesome selection too. I discovered this when revamping a baker's rack.



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