Monday, July 30, 2012

I need to believe that people are good

There is never a time that showcases raw humanity more than the aftermath of a tragedy.

For better or worse, the recent Aurora theater shooting has reminded us of this. While it's easy to point fingers at the shooter, James Holmes, as a figure symbolizing the depravity of the human race, I think it's better to look to the outpouring of support for the victims of the shooting and the incredible stories of sacrifice, heroism and compassion that have come out of this horrific event. Whether it's an airline offering free flights to family members of victims to attend their funerals or brave men who took bullets for their girlfriends or an actor visiting his fans in the hospital or the encouraging words of a faithful woman who narrowly escaped death -- this is what we should be focusing on. The kind and courageous acts of many, not the wicked act of one and certainly not politics or semantics.

On an entirely different note, happening right now is one of the greatest displays of human achievement in the world: the Olympics. If there is any event that can always bring back hope and unity, it's the Olympics. Nothing inspires me more than seeing the cameraderie, the passion and the spirit of the Olympic athletes -- from the U.S. and around the world. It's a beautiful thing, and it restores my faith in humanity. I believe that we need these reminders -- wherever and whenever they come -- and we need to keep faith, now more than ever.

And I need to believe that people are good; not that they are inherently good, but that there is goodness in them. Call me naive, call me immature, call me whatever, but know this is coming from an optimistic skeptic (or a skeptical optimist?). I know that as humans, we can be pretty terrible. I've witnessed it, I've heard about it, I've been unable to ignore it. But I've also seen that we can be pretty great. This is the lens with which I choose to view humanity -- not rose-colored but a slight rosy tint.

People will always continue doing both evil and wonderful things. We can't pretend that the evil things don't happen, but we can choose how they affect us. I choose to be an optimist. I choose to see the good in people whenever possible. I choose to judge little and love a lot. I choose to try and be humble and forgiving in hopes that others will return the favor when I don't deserve it. I choose hope.

What do you choose?

<3 Mrs. G



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