Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Glad Tidings We Bring...

Hi everyone,

I managed to get an electronic copy of our Christmas card! Here it is:

Merry Christmas from all of us (Molly included)! :)

I ordered 40 of these through Walgreens (the design I chose is called "Posh Paper Merry Moods"), and they only came to around $40 with shipping, which is super cheap for Christmas cards. Plus they came with envelopes, and they were matte prints. I did a lot of online searching for cards, and my favorite stationary site I found is Tiny Prints. They're more expensive, but not totally unreasonable, and they have really cute, modern designs. Definitely an option I will keep in mind for the future. Another site I loved is Pear Tree Greetings. Their prices are actually very reasonable - close to Walgreens' - and their designs are beautiful. The only reason I chose Walgreens over them is because I could fit more photos on this card. :)

{Edit: I just discovered the best iPhone app EVER for Christmas photos... I wish I had known about this a couple weeks ago! It's called Red Stamp. The designs are awesome, you can add a photo straight from your phone or even from Instagram or one of your Facebook albums, and you can send the cards via regular mail, email, text message and/or post them onto Facebook and Twitter. SO COOL. I'm making some just for fun to text to people!}

In other (related) news, Mr. G and I are driving down to Nashville on Friday for Christmas! We'll be bringing back some of my stuff (ie: mattress for the guest bedroom) since it's our first opportunity to finally do so. The only downside is that Mr. G has some pretty severe back pain, which doesn't bode well for a long road trip. I may be doing most of the driving. Also good timing - poor Molly has diarrhea. She woke us up at 4 am this morning with an early Christmas gift that took us 30 minutes to clean up. It was lovely. The good news is that all of our actual presents have been purchased and wrapped and are currently sitting under our tree! Can't wait to be back in my childhood home with my family, my husband and my pup around me - I can't imagine anything better. :)

You probably won't hear from me again until after the weekend, so I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you safe travels and many blessings.

<3 Mrs. G


  1. Your Christmas card is LOVELY!!! Have a safe and happy drive... I hope you have an awesomely fun wonderful Christmas. If you are still in town, you guys should come to our After-Christmas party. I'm sure you have a lot of people to see and places to go while you're home. Love you, merry Christmas! Can you believe its your #2 together????

  2. Thanks! I can't believe it's our 2nd Christmas... This year went by really fast. And I got your invite to the party - sounds fun! We will still be in town, but it will be our last night, so I don't know if we'll be able to make it or not. But I appreciate the invite! Have a merry Christmas. :)

  3. It's OK if you can't make it!!! And if you do, I wouldn't expect you to be there long, I know you have a lot to squeeze into just a few days!



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